Bitten by an Energy Vampire

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    I woke up in a pissy mood.

    Yesterday, one of my meetings involved a person who was an energy vampire. And I let him in. I freely gave my enthusiasm, passion and heartfelt idealism (as I always do) regarding innovation and business incubation and received nothing back. Even as I write this, I feel like a prune.

    So what’s so wrong about that? Why should I be upset about gleefully offering up what I know and feel strongly about? I’m a consultant. That’s my job.

    Well, its like this. Ideas and passion need to be exchanged. Its not a one way street. Thoughts need to heighten each other in clarifying and developing. Each exchange gets you closer to truth, if only for a moment.

    When its a one way exchange (and made worse when the vampire takes notes and just walks away with them), it stops there. The words become a type of check list of things to do, to validate an action. I can tell you right now, that vampire walked away with invisible ink.

    Innovation is not a checklist. Sure you can learn from others’ experiences, but as soon as you start to apply them, they change depending on the leader, the team and the receivers. And it is a never ending process.

    Foolish vampire.

    Ok. I feel better.

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