The Great Relief of Having You to Talk To

  • It’s just been weeks since I left the job as Executive Director of the DMZ ( – the wonderful incubator I co-founded) to start a new company called The Pivotal Point.  

    I left the DMZ with the goal of sharing this community based model with like-minded schools, businesses and governments.

    I speak to at least 15 people everyday and yet, I’m feeling lonely. I think I miss the daily team conversations about our common mission at the DMZ.

    However, part of starting a new business like The Pivotal Point is growing a network of can-doers who share the vision of accelerating change by enabling community based entrepreneurial environments.

    Luckily I do have a few people I am starting to count on for this type of interaction. You could say they are part of a developing team. And although we all have separate companies or organizations, we connect because we share a piece of the overarching mission.  

    These are the conversations I crave the most.

    No matter what, we gotta talk.


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