Chicken and Egg

  • I recently had two different conversations on the same day about company success.

    Both meetings were led by people I admire – people who are making meaningful change in their environments.

    One conversation was with a VC. We chatted about the essential steps needed to grow a startup, with the specific goals of increasing its value and moving towards acquisition or IPO.

    To achieve best results, a startup must build a partnership with their customers. The relationship must be perceived as an essential value-add to the customer/client and at the same time feed the growth of the startup.

    The other conversation was with a corporate executive. We spoke about the need for a change of company brand perception from traditional to one of progress and innovation.

    To do this, the executive hired a brilliant change-maker and together they have already started to see the results. But they feel the need to act more quickly.

    Interestingly, they claim that continued access to startup innovation is, and will be essential to reach their goals.


    An egg (the startup) needs a chicken (an established business or benefactor) to help incubate, form and grow.

    A chicken (corporation) needs eggs to hatch and proliferate.

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